Roundabout Laan van Welhorst / Sophialaan, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht


Park Ruyghe Wey, Oudewater


Molenpolderstraat / Vrouw Avenweg, Leidschenveen


Highway A12 / Exit 'Gouda', Gouda (territory Waddinxveen)


Lange Voorhout / Tournooiveld, Den Haag


Nederlandlaan / Centrum West, Zoetermeer


De Binnenhof / Máximapark, Leidsche Rijn








TheWikiCommons photo series is made up of images that were specifically produced to be added to the media database of Wikimedia Commons.

The artist had himself portrayed next to existing artworks in public space. Samson appears to ‘claim’ these objects, creating the illusion that he himself is the maker of these various sculptures in Dutch neighbourhoods, city parks, station squares or along motorways. Samson does not even mention the actual designers or artists.

  • Photograpy: Jeronimus van Pelt
  • Commissioned by: Concordia Enschede (Guest curator = Tinkebell)



Of the dead, speak nothing but good

Daan Samson Over de doden niets dan goeds _ Wereld van Witte de With1

Daan Samson Over de doden niets dan goeds _ Wereld van Witte de With2


Photography: Aad Hoogendoorn

During the festival 'De Wereld van het Witte de Withkwartier' Daan Samson anticipated his own funeral. The artist looked foward inquisitively to the way in which people might speak of him after his death. Which place has Samson occupied within our society and the present-day art circuit?

Daan Samson Over de doden niets dan goeds

IM DaanSamson

IM-DaanSamson2 IM-DaanSamson3

IM-DaanSamson4 IM-DaanSamson5














The welfare artist drew up the balance by taking up position in a coffin on the festival grounds. He asked his relations to deliver bouquets and words of condolence. Festival-goers were given the opportunity to view the expressions of mourning. The artist himself experienced the true confrontation. Daan Samson perceived the way in which he will be publicly remembered. He wished to obtain a glimpse of the mood around his own final departure.

  • Commissioned by: Stichting Kunstblock
  • Photo portrait: Jeronimus van Pelt


Holiday Trouvé

Contemporary artist Daan Samson examines whether an all inclusive holiday can be experienced as a contemporary work of art. In Alacati, Turkey, the Dutchman enjoys a stay at the Corendon Premier Solto Hotel. One visitor of the TENT.Rotterdam art centre has been selected to accompany the artist. Located in the jetset capital of Turkey the artist questions if the shared experiences are welcome replacements for more traditional forms of art experience.

  • Featuring: Anthonie Peeters
  • Commissioned by: TENT.Rotterdam
  • In cooperation with: CORENDON Vliegvakanties

Frisian Triumph


Artist Daan Samson exclusively produced an artwork for the Frisian village of Heeg. Photo 'Frisian Triumph' (Fryske Triomf) was unveiled during the local festival 'Heechspanning'. The picture shows how a luxury yacht has entered the villages' harbor. Striking is an atmosphere of comfort; which today is widely present within the world of water sports.

The starring roles are for a number of Frisian youngsters. Digging through Facebook the artist has invited this Frisians to participate as models. Confident appearances, convenient yachting clothing and poses that reveal a healthy lust for life. Frisian ship Korneliske Ykes II shines in the background. Daan Samson offers Heeg an artwork to welcome quests triumphantly.

Heechspanning 2014_DaanSamson

  • XL Photo print
  • Offered to: Stichting Plaatselijk Belang Heeg
  • Photography: Jeronimus van Pelt



Christmas with Dignitaries

Our political systems have ground to a halt. Contemporary artist Daan Samson is now attempting, by means of a Christmas project, to tackle the political vacuum. Prior to the festive period, he is creating a gift room in 'Kasteel Keukenhof' in Lisse. Presents will be sent to lobbyists, members of Parliament, experts by experience and notables.

The artist does not indicate that he is the sender of the gifts. By contrast, he does specify the names of other leaders from the field of governance. In his role as Christmas Cupid, the artist hopes to force contact between opponents and counterparts. In this way, Samson aims to contribute to the formation of new alliances and covenants. Will the Netherlands come together as a gracious, optimistic nation once again?

  • Art intervention at 'Kasteel Keukenhof'
  • Camera, editing, VFX: Koen Samson
  • Music: Henri de Mooij


Spiritual purification ritual for young women

{ June 2013 }


Behind the scenes >> SRR

SRR-ENGDuring a transcendental washing ceremony artist Daan Samson helps young women to purify themselves. Negative attitudes and false energies are going to be washed away.

Location of the celebration: an abandoned factory in the city of Vlissingen (NL).

  • Closed performance, part of art program 'Eva ontbloot' at Cultuurwerf
  • In cooperation with LENTE Cosmetics
  • Photo print Baryta paper (120 x 90 cm)
  • Photography: Jeronimus van Pelt


Vanitas 2013 – The New Showing Off

{ March 2013 }


The viceroys' kitchen in the Stedelijk Museum Zwolle dates back to the 16th century. Artist Daan Samson uses it to organise a photoshoot.

Digging through Facebook Daan Samson found two students at the reformed Christian university in Zwolle. The girls were asked to pose together with Dutch vegetables, spices and Magimix foodprocessors.

  • Photo print (Baryta paper, 120 x 90 cm)
  • Photography: Jeronimus van Pelt
  • Sponsored by: MAGIMIX



Liberal Herbarium

{ September 2012 }



Left: Mentha spicata L. (Fam: Lamiaceae) Right: Tricyrtis formosana (Fam: Convallariaceae) >>

Prosperity artist Daan Samson has invited Halbe Zijlstra, State Secretary for Culture in the Netherlands, to jointly put together a herbarium. The artist and the liberal politician (VVD) suppose that the world of wild flora could serve as an inspiration for the way contemporary art functions within our society.

The excellence and the artist investigate biotopes in which concepts such as growth and succes are directly linked to terms such as 'natural compitition' and 'the individual urge to evolve'.

  • Photo print behind perspex (120 x 90 cm)
  • 2 framed plants (each 50 x 90 cm)
  • Photography: Jeronimus van Pelt


We’re Convinced!

{ March 2012 }

Art work We're Convinced! focuses on the keeping qualities of personal childhood ambitions. Prosperity artist Daan Samson enters an activist-movements powerboat after all.

  • Photo print (160 x 120 cm)
  • Photography: Jeronimus van Pelt


Procession of value and harvest

{ February 2012 }

Prosperity artist Daan Samson has been invited to realise the opening ceremony of the brand-new art centre NP3.tmp. Crossing the city center of Groningen the Dutchman conducts a parade full of desirable luxury items.

Different brands and companies were willing to make sacrifices for the benefit of arts, economy and the personal welfare of the artist. In a humble way, a pallet of enviable commodity goods is moved through the town center. After the pageantry tour and the following exhibition, all luxury items will find a permanent place within the Rotterdam residential property of the Rotterdam based artist.

  • Sound design: Radboud Mens
  • Art work: Han Hoogerbrugge
  • Fashion: Henk Koers
  • Photo's: Ruud van der Ploeg @NP3


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Samson & de With #2 (Frits Bolkestein)

{ June 2011 }

Samson en de With #2 met Frits Bolkestein en kleindochter Noor

In this second edition of Samson & de With the former leader of the Dutch neoliberal party (VVD) Frits Bolkestein comes on a visit, accompanied by his twenty one years old granddaughter. Together they face a day filled with gifts, contemporary art, roasted coquilles and Down syndrome artists.

  • PDF tabloid
  • Circulation: 8.000 free tabloids 
  • Photography: Jeronimus van Pelt





Art Babes

{ February 2011 }








At the international art fair Art Rotterdam prosperity artist Daan Samson and photograper Jeronimus van Pelt present a photo series showing delectable 'babes' in the contemporary field of art.

Eight female curators, theorists, artists, critics, museum directors and other art related women have agreed to be portrayed as sexual beings. Purpose of the photo series is to investigate if society grants intellectual women to show their sexual capacities.

  • 7 art babes (each 90 x 120 cm)
  • Lambda photo C-prints: on dibond / 3mm plexiglass
  • Numbered: 7 each
  • Courtesy: Torch Gallery (Amsterdam)



Samson & de With #1 (Ad Visser)

{ September 2010 }

Samson en de With #1 met Ad Visser


Welfare artist Daan Samson publishes a tabloid. In the Rotterdam Witte de With neighbourhood he welcomes Dutch cult hero Ad Visser. With great interest, Daan Samson examines Ad Visser’s unorthodox, free-thinking attitude.

  • PDF tabloid
  • Circulation: 8.000 free tabloids 
  • Photography: Jeronimus van Pelt


Season’s Table

{ June 2010 }

Reflecting the lighthearted characteristics of today's society Daan Samson creates a season table. Inspired by the seasonal displays at the primary school of his son the artist brings together his personal associations with his favorite time of the year; summer.

As with other projects, Daan Samson has secured the sponsorship of a number of manufacturers of exclusive lifestyle products. Among fresh beach grass and bright orange poppies we see not only his new flip flops and an enviable design bicycle but also an eco-friendly set of pots and pans with a healthy non-stick coating.

  • Part of the exhibition 'Applied Reality' in art centre HEDEN
  • Fashion: Margreeth Olsthoorn
  • Sponsored by: VANMOOF, CROCS and GREENPAN
  • Photography: Jeronimus van Pelt and Ilya van Marle


Nordisk Charm Offensiv (Stockholm)

{ February 2010 }







At the 2010 Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm, Daan Samson launches an unselfish precision bombardment on the dominant network structures within the Nordic art scene.

Like a present-day Cupid he is sending luxurious giftboxes to gallery owners, museum directors, art theorists and influential artists. Daan Samson doesn't make himself known as the sender of these luxury gifts, but instead he gives the names of other, unsuspecting, key players in the Scandinavian art world. It is a dream of Hollands most humblest artist to stimulate new connections, to build bridges, and to repair friendships gone sour.

  • Intervention at Supermarket Art Fair 2010 in Stockholm
  • At the invitation of NEST artspace
  • Fashion: Margreeth Olsthoorn
  • Sponsored by: KETEL ONE VODKA



Blessed are the poor in spirit

{ August 2009 }

Two culture lovers from Limburg commissioned Daan Samson to realise an artwork for their new residence. The socially committed couple confided to him how they were initially hesitant to buy their luxurious, detached residence. ‘Surely, we are not like that?’, they wondered.

Daan Samson could relate to those feelings and took them as the starting point for a double portrait of his patrons. Using the motto ‘Surely, we are not like that?’ an extensive photo shoot followed on their leafy estate, preceded by a veritable metamorphosis, thanks to fashion label Ralph Lauren.

The finished art work was later revealed by the local Social Democrat (PvdA) alderman.

  • Two duraclear dia's on perspex
  • Photography: Jeronimus van Pelt
  • Fashion: Ralph Lauren


The Direct Benefit Principal

{ May 2009 }







Young artist Daan Samson managed to squeeze in a visit to a home for the elderly in city of The Hague. Flanked by photographer Jeronimus van Pelt, Daan Samson presented the residents with bouquets of flowers and displayed an altogether attentive attitude.

  • Five photographic prints on aluminium (each 98 x 68 cm)
  • Photography: Jeronimus van Pelt



Wednesday – Daddy day

{ December 2008 }


Wednesdays are always a source of inspiration for Daan Samson. Every time again the much-discussed artist enjoys spending his weekly ‘Daddy Day’ with his two-year-old son.

  • XL-Photoprint (514 x 341 cm)
  • Photography: Frank Hanswijk
  • Commissioned by: ConClub


Self-portrait as the new chairman of Het Wilde Weten

{ December 2008 }

In a very short space of time, artist Daan Samson has managed to rise to the position of chairman of Rotterdam's most illustrious artists’ initiative.

  • Planographic print on sulphat cardboard
  • mailed in an edition of 450 copies


In memory of my beloved father

{ June 2008 }



The rise of artist Daan Samson seems unstoppable. Critics may again ask themselves whether his contribution to the Oerol Festival 2008 serve any other goal but shameless self-promotion. Directly on the shore the enfant terrible has erected an enormous photograph of his recently deceased father. People visiting Dutch islands Terschelling by ferry are already confronted with this rather immodest tribute while still at sea.

  • A contribution to the Oerol Festival 2008
  • Photography: Koen Samson



An exercise in commitment

{ April 2008 }






Engagement_Jeroen Laureyns_willem schinkel



Daan Samson is invited by TENT contemporary art centre to programme an evening in the Rotterdam Schouwburg and in turn asks the art centre to organize a debate. The artist prepares an unexpected intervention…

In front of a full house Daan Samson has five prominent figures the data about the theme ‘commitment in art’. On the large screen in shows a series of sponsored luxury products. People in the audience are able to obtain these must-have lifestyle goodies. All they have to do is get up from their seats and leave the theater. Those who are quickest to respond will be registered as the new owners of the products. Neither the audience nor the panel members have been informed of Daan Samsons ‘sponsor show’ beforehand.


  • Jerome Symons (Artist)
  • Hugo Bongers (Board for Culture)
  • Ayatollah Musa (Engaged photographer)
  • Jeroen Laureyns (Artcritic)
  • Willem Schinkel (Sociologists).


  • BLEND (magazine)
  • VERLICHTING-ONLINE (home lighting)
  • PODIUM (publishers)
  • HYPE (hairdressers)
  • SONY (electronic products)
  • MET DE FRANSE SLAG (restaurant)
  • BUGABOO (baby strollers)
  • UNION (bikes)
  • GAMMA (do-it-your-self-stores)
  • ROYAL VKB (thoughts for food)
  • SMEG (Italian domestic appliances)


Showing one’s colours

{ May 2008 }







Daan Samson has let himself be persuaded to produce an educational project. When invited to take part in the politically inspired exhibition ‘Redefine the Enemy’, Daan Samson remembered how he never got around to resign his membership of the PvdA (the Dutch ‘Labour Party’).

The artist uses TENT’s educational project to send his letter of resignation to the PvdA offices by asking hundreds of pupils to come up with a motivation for him to end his membership of the party.

Daan Samson signs all of these letters personally and send them to the party headquarters in Amsterdam.

  • Workshop + exhibition at TENT Rotterdam


Thanks, Remko!

{ February 2008 }









The Centre for Visual Art Rotterdam (CBK) has invited the artist Daan Samson for a presentation. With this latest installation Daan Samson thanks the curator who initiated this exhibition.

The artist has persuaded a large number of brands and companies to sponsor quality products. All of the exhibited objects are given as a present to Remko Theunissen, staff member of the CBK. When the exhibition ends, he alone goes home a richer man.

Sponsored by:

  • BLEND (magazine)
  • VEENMAN (publishers)
  • HOSMAN VINS (wine importers)
  • SJENKELS & SJENKELS (hair dressers)
  • PRAGT (business acquaintances)
  • STUDIO MAKKINK & BEY (architects)
  • ROSSO (restaurant)
  • BUDELS (brewery)
  • KAOS INC. (fashion)
  • DE BONTE KOE (chocolate art)
  • SANTAS (espresso)
  • KOEKELA (cookies, muffins and more...)
  • DEPOT ROTTERDAM (interior studio)
  • NEDERLANDSE MUSEUM VERENIGING (museums association)
  • ARTXTRA (artistic business gifts)
  • 010 PUBLISHERS (publishers)
  • TIGI (hair styling products)



Key Figures 2007

{ December 2007 }










In the project space of Het Wilde Weten Daan Samson and his entourage are preparing a nice party. The party, however, has one remarkable quality: at first, the partygoers don't get anything to drink at all.

All the while, three well-stocked fridges are on display on a brightly lit stage. These three fridges are all locked with a big, shining padlock. Daan Samson has sent the keys to three key figures in today's art world. Only when these three decision-makers show up at the party, the fridges will be opened and only then Daan Samson’s partygoers will get something to drink.


Volvo for life

{ December 2007 }



With his latest installation Daan Samson takes a look ahead at the personal and professional development of three inspiring big shots in the international contemporary art scene.

3 scale model cars in display cases

“Viva la Resistance!” / Selfportrait with Che

{ December 2007 }

Viva la Résistance!_DaanSamson

Perfection is our target 2 (Sonsbeek)

{ May 2007 } Project proposal for Sonsbeek 2008

If it were up to Daan Samson, the 2008 edition of art manifestation Sonsbeek will be endowed with a golf tournament. Near the stately Villa Sonsbeek three attractive greens, one central tee off spot and two bright white party tents will be realized.

The most important ingredient will consist of the handful of people that are allowed as contestants. As if they are already his very best friends Daan Samson receives an international group of leading critics, successful artists and influential museum directors. Under the watchful eye of the crowd these happy few will be extensively introduced to the etiquette and customs of this ‘noblest sport on earth’.




Perfection is our target 1 (S.M.A.K.)

{ February 2007 } Project proposal for Museum S.M.A.K.

When Daan Samson was invited by museum S.M.A.K. to realise a project in the working-class neighbourhood of Bernadette (Ghent, Belgium) he immediately suggested to organize a golf tournament. As in a vision, he saw a select number of intellectuals taking part in such a sporting adventure.

Against the backdrop of the working-class houses in Bernadette Daan Samson transforms the neighbourhood park into an aesthetically designed golf course. During one thrilling day of competition the course is teeming with influential curators, artists, gallery owners and leading museum directors. Daan Samson, always a flamboyant host, makes sure that his guests are extensively introduced to the etiquette and customs of the world's best-known network sport.



Philippe Van Cauteren

Heavy duty quality

{ March 2007 }






Daan Samson makes short work of one of his biggest everyday annoyances. For months now, he had been fed up with having to dig around for two identical socks every morning. Also, he ‘just didn't seem to get around’ to replacing his by now almost ancient collection of boxer shorts and T-shirts. The invitation to take part in The White Show at W139-Basement could not have come at a better time.

Daan Samson seized the occasion of the exhibition to restock himself with a new line of underwear and turned to the renowned underwear brand of Claesen’s. The artist requested the manufacturer to replace both his old assortment of boxer shorts and his collection of T-shirts with 14 brand-new, lilywhite specimen, all of ‘heavy duty quality’. The artist is also very pleased with the 14 pairs of socks that make up the triptych. Unlike his former lot, these new socks are all of exactly the same size and colour.

  • 14 pairs of socks + 14 boxer shorts + 14 T-shirts
  • Sponsored by CLAESEN'S



Last Christmas I gave you my heart…

{ December 2006 }


Contemporary artist Daan Samson offers his audience a glimpse of a private Christmas get-together. The video shows how a select number of names from the international art world are immersed in the warm atmosphere of a luxurious Christmas celebration;

  • Barbara Visser,
  • Jan De Cock,
  • Iris van Dongen
  • Erik van Lieshout.

But isn't Daan Samson mainly fooling himself here? The artist has arbitrarily tracked down a number of individuals with the exact same names as his successful colleagues and has invited these people as his guests for Christmas. When Daan Samson starts handing out a large number of tasteful presents, everything seems just as hunky-dory as in the famous Wham! video clip.

  • Video-Performance
  • Commissioned by SYB artspace in Beetsterzwaag


Planet Parfum

{ May - June 2006 }


1. Lounge chair ‘Rhino' / Designed by Richard Hutten (Richard Hutten Collection)


3. TruusTrendy Hoody / Anti_Mass_ Consumption_Warriorism fashion


5. Metropolitan World Atlas / Published by 010 Publishers


7. Undressed Underwear / Designed by Marlies Dekkers


2. Klara Compact Disks, 10 pcs / Published by Klara classical music station


4. Wichards Handmade Bag / Suitable for men and women, designed by Marielle Wichards


6. Vrij Nederland magazine / An annual subscription to the Dutch magazine



On Brussels’ busiest shopping avenue, Daan Samson shows a number of carefully selected quality products. These sponsored articles are intended for specific individuals... the three currently most talked-about Belgian art curators:

  • Eva Wittocx (1975, curator contemporary art at STUK, Leuven)
  • Edith Doove (1963, independant art critic and curator, Brussels)
  • Moritz Küng (1961, curator exhibitions at De SINGEL, Antwerp)

Via the media Daan Samson informs the three curators that they have been chosen to come and pick up their gift articles during the presentation in Brussels. What are the three decision makers going to do?



The presentation of Baby Samson

{ January 2006 }

Artist Daan Samson publicly announces the birth of his son. Baby Samson is shown against a wall that is covered with the logos of companies that play a role in the Rotterdam artist’s daily life.

The presentation thus becomes the baby's first introduction to the products that will surround him for years to come.

  • Photo print behind perspex (100 x 100 cm)



Bugaboo and little Enzo

{ September 2005 } New York



As soon as Daan Samson’s son was on the way, the artist seized the opportunity to also make room for a trendy Bugaboo baby carriage.

From Rotterdam, he contacted the successful Dutch artist couple Marc Bijl and Iris van Dongen. He asked the ‘dream couple’, who were living in New York City at the time, if they would lend him their three-year-old son Enzo for a day. Partly thanks to the borrowed star toddler, market leader Bugaboo showed themselves willing to give Daan Samson a sturdy baby jogger for free. Together with little Enzo and the green Bugaboo Daan Samson spent a memorable day in Central Park.

  • XL-large Fotoprint


Rotterdam Blending

{ May 2005 }


  • A presentation as part of the art route ‘Business as Usual’ in the 'Oude Noorden' neighbourhood of Rotterdam.
  • The work was included in the shop front advertising of the ‘Kookpunt’ shop in Rotterdam (May and June, 2005).
  • Daan Samson noticed how in Rotterdam art circles one particular brand of coffee was the all-out favourite: Santas Espresso, from a coffee roaster in the Rotterdam harbour district.

    On two banners on the shop’s façade the artist sketches meetings between key players in the Rotterdam art scene. In his idiosyncratic way he mixes facts and fiction, presenting real curators, artists and gallery owners as if they were the actors in a ‘play’ written by himself. Santas Espresso coffee invariably serves as the tasty ‘lubricant’…

    Extended Sell-by Date

    { May 2005 ]

    GangKast_Rotterdam This art work was part of the ‘Identity: artist’ event in the Rotterdam art space Gangkast (May 2005)

    • Inktjetprint on canvas
    • 70 x 50 cm



    { February 2005 }




    The three light boxes of this art work show stylised, partial maps from the Rotterdam city plan. On each map the location of the local branch of the Albert Heijn supermarket chain is marked, as well as the private residence of one of three leading Dutch curators.

    • 3 Lightboxes (each 60 x 60 cm)
    • Photography: Frank Hanswijk



    National Coverage

    { October 2004 }


    In this installation, a series of painted townscapes that were photographed in different museums are linked to the nine frequencies of the Dutch classical music station Radio 4. Daan Samson’s art work ‘covers’ the entire frequency range of Radio 4 in the Netherlands.

    • 9 prints on canvas
    • framed in plastic framework
    • each 103 x 73 cm


    Training, study and discipline

    { August 2004 }

    This project focuses on the daily art practice of Daan Samson. Seven photos show the Rotterdam artist at work on seven consecutive days. Not only do we see the artist dusting off his collection of art books, but also, for instance, enjoying a little sailing trip with a Christian Democrat (CDA) Member of Parliament.

    • Lightbox + inkjetprint
    • 140 x 45 cm


    Selfportrait with NRC Handelsblad

    { June 2004 }


    • Duratrans inkjetprint
    • 140 x 80 cm
    • Photography: Esther Keim



    Bever Zwerfsport

    { June 1996 }



    This life-size portrait was the highlight of Daan Samson’s exhibition ‘Bever Zwerfsport’.

    The artist made an installation in which he drew a conceptual parallel between visual art’s urge for innovation and the adventurous nature of outdoor sports. The art philosopher A.A. van den Braembussche, PhD, kindly posed in a survival outfit by Bever Zwerfsport, a store chain for hiking gear.

    < A.A. van den Braembussche, PhD, art philosopher, in a survival outfit by Bever Zwerfsport 

    • XL Photo (150 x 200 cm)
    • Part of Daan Samson’s exhibition 'Bever Zwerfsport' at the WTC Gallery in Rotterdam

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